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Mountain Lion Watches Man Through Glass Windows of His House

A video circulating on social media captures the moment a mountain lion comes knocking at a couple’s home, presumably in Sun Valley, Idaho. In the Instagram video, a man’s voice narrates as a mountain lion comes close to his home, which appears to back up some snowy wilderness and has several full-length glass windows.

As the man approaches the glass windows from the inside of the house, the mountain lion on the other side of the window pauses and makes eye contact, before turning and walking leisurely around the corner of the house and out of view.

The man says: “Well look who’s back this morning, just standing in the backyard [. . .] he’s looking in the house, though. Phew, that’s a big cat. He is very unconcerned about us.”

Instagram user @chrissyfield16, who posted the video last week, wrote: “Trying to come up with a name for our new outdoor kitty. Any suggestions?”

Watch the encounter here:

Based on the #sunvalley hashtag, we’re guessing this is Sun Valley, Idaho. Mountain lions are the largest wild cat in Idaho and the state’s top predator.

As the man noted in his voiceover, the cougar didn’t seem too ruffled by a human’s presence through the windows.

Have you ever spotted a mountain lion in the wild?

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