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Ramsey Outdoor : Rock Solid Gear Shop In New Jersey!

On our last 50 Campfires Field Trip to New York, we needed gear. We usually do because flying and camping can get a little tricky. We were going to be spending two days at a place called Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, so we decided to stop up at Ramsey Outdoor!

What we liked most about Ramsey Outdoor was the vibe. That’s always the thing that keeps me coming back to any business. They’ve been family-owned since 1953, which means that they’re on the third generation. We talked to a few customers, and it was fun to hear their stories. Many of them have been going there since they were kids, and are now bringing their kids there. It’s a laid back place, and if you’re a gearhead, you’ll be in heaven. If it’s an outdoor activity, they have you covered. Fishing, hiking, camping, water sports, hiking – they have it all. They also have an extensive fly fishing section, which they’re known for in the area.

They have two locations, and they’re perfect for people heading out of NYC in search of adventure. Whether you’re headed up to the Hudson Valley or into New Jersey, we highly recommend stopping in.

ramsey outdoor
Great selection for fly fishing.

If there’s a uke…I’m playing it.

Yes, I was like a kid in a candy store.

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