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WATCH: Real-Life Face-Hugger? Scientists Find Weird Creature Nearly a Mile Below the Surface

There’s a lot we don’t know about the deep sea. Last week, scientists aboard the E/V Nautilus, a 68-meter (223-foot) research vessel equipped with ROVs (remotely-operated vehicles) that deploy and explore the deep, came across a creature they’d never seen before. The creature, a pulsating orange sea jelly, appears to have three yellow tentacles coming out of its top end.

Watch as the scientists ooh and ahh over this cool find:

The Nautlius’s ROV was about 1,417 meters (4,650 feet) below the surface near remote Pacific islands when it captured this incredible video. Although the scientists weren’t able to identify the species during the livestream, experts later categorized it as a member of the order Narcomedusae, an undescribed species within the genus Bathykorus

This face-hugger look-alike has been spotted just once before. The first encounter was in 2015 with NOAA Ocean Exploration’s ship Okeanos Explorer. 

Did you know you can watch livestream coverage of deep-sea exploration? Tell us what you’d be excited to see in the comments.

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