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Skating Legend Tony Hawk and Skateistan Promote Getting Kids Outdoors and Onto a Skateboard

There’s arguably no bigger name in skateboarding than Tony Hawk. The legendary skater helped bring the sport to the mainstream in the ‘90s, and now he’s focused on getting more kids skateboarding than ever before.

The skating legend is working with Skateistan, a non-profit organization that works to bring kids skateboarding in the face of global conflict, migrant crisis, and climate disaster. The organization operates skate parks in places like Afghanistan and Cambodia.

Hawk has worked with the organization for the last few years and recently released this new promotional video:

In the new video, Tony Hawk highlights the work of Skateistan and the daily struggle that many children worldwide face—shocking numbers like 40 million children displaced due to natural disasters and conflicts. Millions of children don’t have access to education. The organization is building a more extensive network to support kids through skateboarding and education.

“Skateboarding builds resilience, and it keeps you young at heart. I’m living proof,” says Hawk, who is now 55-years-old. “It can be so much more. With the planet the way it is, we need unity. We need the ‘World on Board.’”

About Skateistan

Tony Hawk and Skateistan

Skateistan has created multiple education facilities with state-of-the-art skate parks. They have also worked with local organizations worldwide to help kids get outdoors and onto a skateboard while focusing on art and education.

“Our truly-international partnership model builds skateboarding infrastructure and schools all over the world, delivers programs and equipment, and facilitates a network of over 800 social-skate projects with funding and resources,” states Skateistan on its website. “By focusing on at-risk, BIPOC and migrant communities, we promote inclusivity, diversity, resilience and autonomy. Skateistan stretches across humanity, and anybody can be a citizen.”

The combination of getting kids into outdoor activities while educating them is a method that has proven to be beneficial for kids in more ways than one. Multiple studies highlight the creativity, emotional resilience, and individual learning that come with outdoor education.

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