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Sleds For Young and Old

7 Ways to Wonderful Winter Memories

So, you want to do some sledding this winter? We do to! These sleds are going to wet your appetite for winter fun and get you into the sledding mood. We picked out a few unique sleds that could really up your game in the sledding world. Some are built for speed. Some are of unique design. Still others are going for a classic look with upgraded features to make sledding more enjoyable. Any way you slice it, sledding is fun the whole family can enjoy.

Mountain Boy Sleds - Ultimate-Flyer52
Ultimate Flyer 52”

The Mountain Boy Sledworks

Ultimate Flyer 52”

If you want a sled that harkens back to the last two centuries you might be interested in the Ultimate Flyer. This hand-made beauty glides and turns really well because of a pivoting front section. It utilizes thick Burch planks to ensure long life and a beautiful finish that looks just as good on the slope as it does on your front porch.

MSRP $179.99





Airhead Chaos inflatible Toboggan2
Airhead Chaos 2-Person Snow Toboggan

Chaos 2-Person Snow Toboggan

Want a sled that can pack away really small? Try an inflatable toboggan. You might wonder why you’d want a blow up slide. Wouldn’t it pop? Not easily. This sled is made of heavy-duty PVC plastic with crack-resistant additives and on the bottom of the sled there are plastic runners to improve tracking and protect the sled from rough ground. Besides all this, sitting on an air cushion is way more comfortable than bumping up and down on a thin piece of plastic.

MSRP $38.99




Paricon Sleds PT Blaster
PT Blaster

Flexible Flyer Sleds

PT Blaster

If you prefer to drive a sled instead of just riding one the Flexible Flyer Sleds PT Blaster is the one for you. It will attract attention for sure, but even better is the spring activated braking system, a smaller friction base by using skis and a nice foam seat for comfort. The only problem you’ll have is fighting off all your friends who will want a turn.

MSRP $86.99



Sonic Snow Tube


Sonic Snow Tube

You’ve probably seen them at a tubing park, but snow tubes deserve a spot in this list. This classic plaid design by L.L.Bean makes it seem more authentically rugged. It’s not just an appearace of ruggedness. This thing has 5 stars with many mentioning durability. It makes sense. It was originally designed for commercial tubing parks. The sturdy handles and tow strap makes it easy to hang on and tote up a hill.

MSRP $29.95-$109



Zipfy Freestyle sled
Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled


Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

Remember using a shovel as a sled? If you didn’t have a sled handy and all your friends were going out to the local hill what did you do? You would turn a shovel around so the handle is sticking out away from you and sit on the shovelhead. It worked pretty well, but the ride was bumpy and the handle was unwieldy. Enter the Zipfy. The design features a shorter handle than a shovel and a much more comfortable seat. It’s light and rugged for a long life. If you want something that might turn some heads and offer a cool sledding experience. This is your sled.

MSRP $39.99



Snolo Sled xl
Stealth-X and Scion Sled


Stealth-X and Scion Sled

Snolo makes the stealth bomber of sleds. They are sleek, angular and built for speed. Snow rocket is probably a better term for these sleds. The Stealth-X is their top-of-the-line sled that features a carbon fiber monocoque construction for a very light and strong body. It comes with adjustable foot pegs, backpack straps, removable front ski, and more. The Scion Sled is their more “affordable” option that has a number of the same features and design that make for some really amazing sledding in both soft and hard-packed snow or ice. These sleds have been allowed on many chairlifts because of their level of control, speed and safety. Ride it down your back yard hill or down the ski slopes. Either way if you can swallow the price tag, you’re going to love these sleds.

MRSP $3200.00 and $399.00



Slicer by Ice Meister
Slicer by Ice Meister

Ice Meister


If you’re looking to take sledding from winter to summer, try the Slicer. In the winter it’s a cool sled that gets you down the hill, but in the summer you can attach giant ice blocks to the bottom using a custom mold so you can take the downhill thrill into the hot summer days. That’s right you can sled in the summer thanks to the people at Ice Meister.

MSRP $79.95

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