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Spot The Dog Reflective Bandana Review

Let’s face it, we want to buy cute things for our dogs. That is just the world we live in these days. The Spot The Dog Reflective Bandana is not only fashionable but functional. With plenty of reflective properties this bandana can keep your dog safe when camping or on a night time walk.

Appearance: The blaze orange or yellow coloring of the bandana is a good start to making sure it sticks out from the crowd. The bandana also has cute silver polka dots around it which enhances the reflective capabilities. But they don’t stop there as Spot The Dog has also added a silver piping around the entire collar for additional reflective properties. The bandana is of average size with a large velcro space that allows you to get the perfect fit for your dog. Made out of nylon, The Spot The Dog Reflective Bandana is comfortable on your dog because of its elasticity and soft feel.

Ease Of Use: This bandana can’t get any easier to use, unlike the hanky version of bandanas you don’t even have to tie this one! The velcro makes it easy to slip the bandana on and off your dog. With it being a cute design, you can make it even easier on yourself and just allow the dog to where it all day. Sometimes simplicity can go a long way and that is the case with this bandana.

Durability: At the campsite, we have mostly used this bandana as an everyday wear. We put it on our pooch in the morning and take it off as we head to bed. The velcro is very strong which gives you peace of mind that it won’t fall off. Being made out of nylon, the reflective collar is strong with some high quality stitching to keep it all together.

Value: For $17 you can pick up a Spot The Dog Reflective Bandana. For a piece of clothing and safety accessory we think that is a very fair price.

spot the dog reflective bandana
Spot The Dog Reflective Bandana
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