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Sunday Afternoons Hat Review

We had a lot of fun with this Sunday Afternoons Hat Review – everyone likes trying different hats on, right? They sent us their most popular hats and here’s what we thought…


The first thing you notice when you put a Sunday Afternoons hat on is how light and comfortable they are. They weigh practically nothing and have a well-designed wicking band that feels great on your forehead. There aren’t any pressure points that would start to become uncomfortable over time. One thing parents often say is that their little ones will keep the hat on all day, even if they ordinarily don’t like hats. I’m guessing that it’s because they’re so unobtrusive and comfortable.

Sunday afternoons hats
Sunday Afternoons Hats


A Sunday Afternoons hat review has to include a few words about protection. This is the main reason people are drawn to these hats. They offer a minimum sun protection rating of UPF 40+ and carry the seal of approval from the Melanoma International Foundation. If you get a few for your kids that one less thing you’ll have to worry about they’re running around on the beach all day.


Selection is what sets Sunday Afternoons hats apart from many other sun protection clothing companies out there. With over 70 unique styles, you can get everything from wide brimmed sun hats to the Sprinter Cap to the Montana Hat. All of them are approved for sun protection. You’ll be able to find a Sunday Afternoon Hat for just about any style.


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