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My time with the Swiss Army Hunter Pro

I can still remember digging my nails under the plastic lip on the top of my little knife. I was 10 years old, and I owned a knife that had a toothpick on it...a toothpick! My friends were envious, and although I don't remember actually using the toothpick - I had it just in case. Like a lot of people I know, a Swiss Army knife was one of their first rights of passage. It symbolized the gateway to responsibility. A few months ago we were invited to the Victorinox/Swiss Army press event during the Summer Outdoor Retailer show, where they announced the official merger between Victorinox and Wenger - two companies that have been making "Swiss Army Knives" by the millions for years. Thoughts of my childhood raced through my head. Images of the Swiss Army - the REAL Swiss Army came rushing back. I had to be there.

Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Pro
While I was expecting a booth full of multi-purpose knives and tools, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind that the knife from my childhood could have - or would have evolved to keep up with the times. I was pleasantly surprised. The knife that completely took my thinking by storm was the Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Pro. When I was offered the opportunity to take this knife out, and field test it - I jumped at the opportunity.
Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Pro easily performed ever task that I threw its way
A recent camping trip to the Driftless Region of Iowa turned out to be the perfect testing grounds for my new and improved Swiss Army knife. A weekend worth of activities that ranged from sharpening SMORE's sticks to cutting harvest vegetables. Needless to say that when I showed off my new blade around the campfire, the conversation it sparked turned almost immediately turned to childhood memories of Swiss Army knives. By the end of the weekend, I had 4 offers to buy the knife. By that point, there was no way that I was going to part ways. The knife easily performed ever task that I threw its way. Cutting, slicing, sharpening. I know that the Pro Hunter was designed as a hunting knife. The shape of the blade makes it an ideal skinning knife. My use was far more utilitarian. If you're looking for a handsome knife that can hold up to whatever camp can throw at it - then this is a great knife for you. If you grew up with a Swiss Army knife in your pocket - then, the Swiss Army Hunter Pro is a dream come true. Click here for more info
From Swiss Army: As the newest addition to our Outdoor Collection, the Hunter Pro has been designed to meet the needs of the serious hunter as well as the general outdoor enthusiast which makes it extremely versatile. For the first time, we have incorporated the blade from our professional knives of which we’ve provided to the slaughterhouse and meat-packing industries since 1884. These blades can be re-sharpened time and time again which is important for all users. The lockblade is designed for easy one-hand access and the handle is ergonomic and has a very comfortable easy feel making it usable for virtually anyone. And as all of our products, the Hunter Pro carries a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship. Our entire Outdoor Collection is made in Switzerland with first-class stainless steel and handcrafted with the iconic design you have come to expect from Victorinox Swiss Army. FEATURES & BENEFITS:

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      Easy one-hand access
      Blade locks securely in place
    Blade is made from the same steel as our professional cutlery
      Closed: 130mm (5in)
      Open: 223mm (9in)
      Blade: 100mm (4in)
    WEIGHT: 5.7 oz.
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