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The Best Threads Accounts to Follow for People Who Love the Outdoors

Threads is the latest social media platform aiming to replace Twitter.

The app had a head start thanks to being part of Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, and there are some of our favorite influential outdoors-focused accounts jumped on the platform quickly.

Here’s a look at a few of the Thread accounts to follow now for all things outdoors:

National Parksgram – None of the official National Parks have their accounts yet. However, you can still get a good fix of epic shots with this account.

REI – The biggest name in outdoor retail jumped on Threads quickly. So far, they’ve shared some cool company history.

Coyote Peterson – Youtuber and nature influencer Coyote Peterson is now on Threads. Peterson focuses on educating the masses about wildlife.

Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife – A crowd favorite on Twitter can now be found on Threads. They haven’t posted much yet, but the organization’s funny messages lead to plenty of viral content.

Semi-Rad – Brendan Leonard is best known as Semi-Rad and for his witty cartoons depicting outdoor advice. 

National Forests Foundation – The non-profit organization works with National Forests around the U.S. in conservation efforts.

Chris Burkard – Well know outdoor photographer Chris Burkard is always worth a follow. He focuses heavily on places like Iceland.

Verna Volker – Volker is an ultra-runner and influencer who uses her platform to advocate for Indigenous people and their communities. 

Outdoors.com – Be sure to follow our account as well. You’ll find the latest news, tips and stories about the outdoors.

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