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The Definitive Answer For Quietest Seat On A Plane

It is just that time of the year. You, like many, might be dreading a trip to the airport for your family’s holiday vacation.

Here is to hoping that once you get through security lines, things will start looking up. Now, if you want to ensure a more pleasant experience you need to pick your seat with precision.

The folks at JetBlue are sharing a simple tip that can help make your flying experience more relaxing, especially on those longer flights. And best of all, this secret applies to all airlines, not just JetBlue.

In a Facebook video, a JetBlue pilot explains that the quietest seats on an airplane are forward of the wings, because the engines are located under the wings.

“Sitting in front of the wing is like being behind a speaker. All of the sounds of the engine and the disturbed air are projected away from you,” the pilot said.

For a more peaceful ride, he suggests that you snag a seat in the front of the cabin. His assertions were seconded by the YouTube Channel, “Fly with Stella.”

Of course, those seats can be the most expensive ones, but this tip can be useful if you’re flying on Southwest, which doesn’t have assigned seats.

Although, if there’s a crying baby on the plane — forget this advice!

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