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WATCH: This Wild Bear Just REALLY Loves to Swing

Don’t mess with bears—they’re big, they’re strong, and so on. Yes to all that, but then there’s also this wild bear, who just really loves to swing. It’s basically a giant puppy who wants to play in some family’s backyard.

In a video reshared by @pubity on Instagram, a bear comes barreling down a slope, straight for a saucer swing hanging from an outdoor play structure. It’s almost like it’s been there before and knows exactly how fun/relaxing/wonderful it’ll be.

The original poster (Wild_Foothills_Ca, an account that appears to have been renamed or turned off), overlaid text on the video that says: “I noticed a bear kept going on my swing in the backyard, so I set up a camera and captured this . . . ”

The bear is delightfully clumsy. It doesn’t quite hit its mark the first time, but in the end, it gets where it wants to be.

Watch how much this bear loves to swing here:

Unfortunately, since we can’t sleuth the original poster’s profile, we don’t know for sure where this backyard is, which would help identify whether this is a brown bear or a black bear. (Black bears can have brown coats.) Either way, this bear appears to be loving life.

Can you even remember the last time you were as excited about anything as this bear is about that swing?

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