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The Do Gooders Of The Outdoors

Not all outdoors companies are created equal. Some go above and beyond to keep our world beautiful and cared for. These do gooders of the outdoors are dedicated to helping the environment and the community through the creation of fantastic products and a sincere mission to make the world a better place.

Although there are plenty of companies out there doing good things for the environment, these 5 companies have stood out above the rest. They deserve to be recognized and applauded for going above and beyond to do something good and use their passion to make better others lives.

The Do Gooders

Manufacturer: Coghlan’s Ltd.

The Good Deed: The relationship between Coghlan’s and Opportunity Partners began over 62 years ago and has been flourishing ever since. Opportunity Partners provides employment, education and housing for people with disabilities. They have worked closely with Coghlan’s to help package their camping accessories. Starting with just the camp toaster the work has expanded in to Opportunity Partners helping to package over 130 items. The partnership truly allows people with disabilities an opportunity to be proud of their work and even allows them to flourish and receive jobs in private businesses.

Charitable Contribution: Coghlan’s is a stepping stone for people with disabilities to improve their lives and helps employee over 350 people each month that have the opportunity to work steadily on packaging Coghlan’s goods. They have helped 1000’s of people with developmental disabilities through out the 60 plus years of partnership.

Manufacturer: United By Blue

The Good Deed: Focused on ocean and water conservation, United By Blue, is a clothing and outdoor accessory brand that produces sustainable products for the conscious consumer. We are all united by blue, we require water to live and United By Blue is doing their part by putting forth an effort to clean America’s waterways. This effort requires the help of retailers and partners who help choose certain rivers, lakes, creeks and oceans. From there volunteers are recruited and the staff from United By Blue personally goes out to help clean trash. It is a very impressive dedication to the environment, as United By Blue continues to do their own dirty work.

Charitable Contribution: If you buy any product from United By Blue, you are helping our waterways. Every product sold, helps remove one pound of trash from America’s waterways. This effort is maintained through company organized and hosted clean ups and provides an excellent way for people to volunteer and do something great for the outdoors.

Manufacturer: Lifestraw

The Good Deed: Innovation has always been top of mind for Lifestraw as they changed the game with their water purifying straw. This gave outdoorsmen easy access to clean water wherever they were – at any time. But Lifestraw isn’t stopping there, with their Follow The Leader program every Lifestraw purchase helps provide a child in Africa with clean drinking water for a year. In order to accomplish this goal, water purification systems have been put in place in schools through out Kenya. The power of clean water is life changing and Lifestraw is making a direct impact.

Charitable Contribution: It is a huge undertaking to install these fantastic purification systems and Lifestraw has now completed over 500 installations of water filtration systems through out schools in Kenya.

Manufacturer: MiiR

The Good Deed: With a motto of “Design To Empower,” MiiR has been helping communities one water bottle at a time. Every Miir water bottle comes with an impact bracelet; this bracelet comes equipped with a unique code that can be registered on their website. And then the magic happens. Once entered, you’ll receive GPS coordinates and pictures of the water well that your water bottle is helping to fund. Each water bottle purchased gives 1 person clean drinking water. Clean water is a major component to bringing a community out of poverty and it is amazing to see the change in life that can take place. We have MiiR to thank for their conscious effort to make the world a better place.

Charitable Contribution: MiiR has made a large impact throughout the world and with the help of consumers water bottle purchases, they have completed 17 well projects around the world.

Manufacturer: Oboz Footwear

The Good Deed: Keeping it true to the trail, Oboz Footwear makes hiking, backpacking and multi-sport shoes for people who truly want to get outdoors. They also help our world by planting trees with every shoe they sell. It really is both an environmental and socioeconomic benefit as Oboz works in conjunction with an organization called Trees For The Future. They are a non profit agriculture organization that travels to underdeveloped countries planting trees for purposes like crop shade, erosion control, or building materials.

Charitable Contribution: With the help of Trees For The Future, Oboz has helped plant over $1 million trees in countries that would not normally have the resources to accomplish it.

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