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The Grip6 Conservation Series : A Great Belt Gives Back

I’ve been wearing a Grip6 belt for two years now, and I’m convinced that it’s the best belt on the market. I’m a big fan of minimalist functionality, and that’s exactly what this belt excels at. The buckles weigh less than an ounce, and the way they “lock” is brilliant. It’s just a simple tuck under the buckle and it stays put all day. The straps are all made from high strength, lightweight nylon webbing that retains its shape throughout years of use. I honestly can’t imagine how this design could be improved.

Ok, that’s what I love about them. Let’s talk about the Grip6 Conservation Series now, and how cool that is. The Conservation Series includes three buckles that are designed after three different conservation groups. A salmon for the Wild Salmon Center, a bison for the American Prairie Reserve, and honeycomb for the Xerces Project. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to those three conservation groups. When you throw in the lifetime warranty you end up with an offer that’s hard to pass up. Upgrade your bulky old leather belt with three sleek new options and kick a little cash to conservation in the process. You can’t go wrong.

$134 for all 3 belts and the nifty hanger

grip6 conservation series


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