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25 Best Hiking Trails Within an Hour of Minneapolis

25 Best Hiking Trails Within an Hour of Minneapolis

Now that the weather is thawing out a bit, it’s time to get moving in and around the Twin Cities! Listed below are 25 of the best spots to hike within an hour of Minneapolis. Put on your hiking boots, grab the family for a weekend walk, and meet us outside!


Nicollet and Boom Islands: Minneapolis, MN

Nicollet and Boom Islands are moderately popular trails located near the heart of the city that great for all skill levels. They are located near a river and wonderful for wildlife viewing without venturing too far from home. The best time of the year to venture out on these trails is from March to October. Your canine friends are welcome on to hike with you, but remember that they need to be leashed. Picnic tables and a playground are available for lunches and the kids.
Nicollet and Boom Islands
724 Sibley St. NE Minneapolis, MN 5541

Learn more about Nicollet and Boom Islands.

St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail: Minneapolis, MN

For fantastic views of the city, stroll through this gentrified, old milling district. The river trail is great for all ages, and dogs are permitted, as long as your best four-legged friend remains on a leash. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding, and while parts of it are paved and more urban than others, it’s a great walk on a weekend afternoon.
St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail

From Minneapolis take West River Parkway to Mill Ruins Park at the intersection of Portland Avenue. Parking is under the bridge.

Learn more about St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail here.

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