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The Travel Chair Joey Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Trip

Yes, there a TON of camping chairs you can buy, but if you are in the market for a compact, lightweight, yet sturdy chair, then the Travel Chair Joey is the way to go. This uniquely shaped chair is rated to 300 lbs, yet folds down to about the size of a burrito and only weighs 2 pounds.

Travel Chair, has been making chairs for over 30 years so they know what they’re doing. The Joey chair is made with aluminum poles, keeping it super light weight. The unique shape contours to your body well, yet allows you to easily get in and out of it. The Travel Chair Joey is great for car camping, because it has a nice carry bag and is so compact that it will make packing around it easy. If you like to save space when camping, you can’t go wrong with the Joey chair.

Price: $69.99

See the Travel Chair Joey in action

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