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This Unique Mosquito Bite Remedy Uses Suction

If you spend a lot of time outdoors you need a good mosquito bite remedy. 

The reason you swell up is the result of the anticoagulant the mosquito leaves behind. The anticoagulant is mixed in with the mosquito’s saliva. If it didn’t have this, your blood would clot, trapping the mosquito in your skin. The anticoagulant allows then to withdraw the proboscis and fly away.


There is a simple and cheap product out there called Bug Bite Thing (kind of a silly name), that sucks out the anticoagulant and greatly reduces the swelling. There’s not much to it. It’s just a plastic suction pump that brings the the nasty stuff from either a mosquito bite or even bee sting to the surface.

Because we’re committed to testing products for our audience, we went out to a swamp to let the mosquitoes feed on us so we could try it out (the gif above is my leg).

Our camera man swells up pretty good from mosquito bites, so we decided to test it on him. All you do is press it over the bite, create the suction, and wait 30 seconds. We were surprised to see that it both reduced the swelling and even better – the itching went away.

mosquito bite remedy
Before using the Bug Bite Thing and after.

If you swell up from mosquito bites and still haven’t found a good mosquito bite remedy, check out the Bug Bite Thing. It’s only $10 and it will make your kiddos (and you) a lot more comfortable in the woods.

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