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Top 26 Jet Ski Accessories: Essentials & Extras

There are so many jet ski accessories out on the market – must-haves, just for fun, handy, etc. This list covers many considered essential and practical, but a bunch are just fun extras! Each will definitely guarantee a better experience out on the water in their own capacity. BONUS: These are great jet ski accessories, but are also great for hiking, camping, off-roading or any sort of outdoor adventuring!


A good anchor is essential. There are several types of jet ski anchors, but the best choice for most people is the Airhead Folding Anchor because it takes up very little room and is relatively hassle free. Other anchors, like the sand anchor or screw anchor system, work well, but may require a little more work than a folding anchor does. It all depends on the situation and personal preference.

Boarding Ladder

jet ski accessories

The jet ski boarding ladder by Hardline is an easy to store system made with two steps attached to nylon rope with a 300 pound weight capacity. This is a great alternative to a factory-build boarding ladder if you happen to forego purchasing one with your jet ski.

Bungee Dock Line

Another essential accessory. Tying off with a bungee dock line is much more convenient than marine rope. Having the ability to stretch provides a little bit of give on choppy days. For anyone who wants a tighter fit, the excess line can be wrapped around the cleat.

The bungee dock line by Kwik Tek can stretch from 6 ft to 9 ft, and is recommended for PWC up to 4,000 pounds.


Staying hydrated on the water is important, and a Camelbak is a great option if you don’t have room for a cooler or cooler rack (coming up on the list). Camelbak’s are backpacks that hold water and have a tube that’s connected to it to drink out of.


Being prepared for a long day on the water means packing enough food and drinks to last everyone. Most coolers will work fine but Yeti makes the top of the line coolers on the market. The Yeti Tundra 45 is one of the bigger and more spacious options available.

Cooler Rack

If you go the cooler route, you’re going to need somewhere to put it.  A jet ski cooler rack eliminates the need for straps and chords.

The Jet Ski Fishing Rod Rack & Cooler Holder Combo by Plattinum Products is a great choice – and as an added bonus, is great for jet ski anglers!


After every use, and especially after every season, a jet ski cover should be used to ensure they’re properly protected from the elements. Even if they’re being stored inside, jet skis should be covered up.

Dry bag

Dry bags keep valuable items sealed off from the elements. Sometimes the waterproof storage on PWC is limited, so dry bags can be very useful jet ski accessories.

Your dry bag should include things like a small towel, a screwdriver or pliers for repairs, a flashlight, and sunscreen. The Earth Pak Dry bag is one of the better options because of its adjustable strap and its buoyant material that allows it to float if dropped in the water.


GoPro’s have become the standard camera for any action sport and they are super user-friendly, even for those who may not be as tech savvy. GoPro’s are the perfect jet ski accessory because they allow you to document your fun out on the water.


A helmet should be worn when doing anything that can be considered dangerous. Finding a jet ski helmet can be difficult but there are lots of alternatives such as MX or BMX helmets.

This helmet by TORC is a great choice. The best jet ski helmet is going to be breathable and preferably have padding that drys easily in case if you happen to fall in the water.

Impeller Protector

While on the subject of jet ski accessories for tow sports, it’s worth mentioning impeller protectors. An impeller protector keeps ski ropes away from the impeller on a jet ski. Although they aren’t really essential, they’re definitely recommended.

Jet Ski Lift

A jet ski lift allows pwc to be moved around while not in the water. Anyone who works on their pwc or moves it often, knows the struggle of getting a 500+ pound machine around a shop. A good lift is one of the most valuable jet ski accessories a watercraft enthusiast can buy.

The Erickson PWC sling is the most affordable jet ski lift.

Life Jacket

If you own a PWC then you most likely already own a life jacket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade.

O’Neill’s Superlite USCG Vest has amazing ratings and reviews. It’s designed to minimize bulk while optimizing buoyancy. Even if you already own a life jacket, it’s still worth checking out.


A jet ski lock is a simple investment that can really pay off. Most jet ski locks are durable cable locks that can be adjusted for different scenarios. Master Lock is a great option, but use whatever you have. Any jet ski lock is better than no lock at all.

PWC Fender

When a PWC is docked, wakes can cause it to bump and rub against nearby vessels or the dock itself. To protect your watercraft, (and objects around it) a jet ski fender can be attached to the outer trim.

This is considered one of the essential jet ski accessories because almost every PWC owner has to dock at some point, and fenders are the best way to keep hulls in good shape. It’s recommended that at least 2 PWC fenders be attached to your jet ski to ensure the hull is fully protected.

PWC Safety Lanyard

jet ski accessories

Safety lanyards are a tether that connects the kill switch on a jet ski to the riders wrist or life jacket. If the person it’s attached to falls off while riding, the PWC automatically shuts off.

The cool thing about this safety lanyard in particular is it’s retrofitted for all the major brands including Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Polaris.

Race Collar

jet ski accessories

Some people may think a race collar is a little too much, but if you plan on doing any racing then it’s a good precautionary measure in case you get tossed. If you get a good collar, eventually you start to forget you’re even wearing it. The EVS Sports R2 Race Collar is one of the more comfortable options available.

Sea Scooter

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A sea scooter is a propulsion device used for diving and snorkeling – so not an essential accessory, but a cool gadget to have! Sea-Doo makes some of the best sea scooters out there, like the Sea-Doo Dolphin.

Self-Leveling Drink holder

jet ski accessories

A self-leveling drink holder can be one of the best jet ski accessories for someone with an older model PWC that doesn’t have cup holders. Or if you need an extra! The best part is they’re removable so you can choose when you want to have it attached.This Grippit drink holder is a great option for any size beverage.

Solar Charger

jet ski accessories

A solar charger is one of the best PWC accessories you can buy. They’re good to have in case your jet ski battery dies on the water, and they can help maintain your battery’s life by trickle charging it during the off season.

All Powers makes one of the best marine solar chargers out there.

Telescoping Paddle

jet ski accessories

No one wants their jet ski to break down, but this is a great item to have in case that happens. Telescoping paddles are collapsible, so they don’t take up a lot of room, and definitely worth the little space they do occupy.

The Attwood telescoping paddle is reliable and fairly cheap.

Tow Tube

jet ski accessories

A tow tube is a super fun (and most important) accessory for your jet ski.

The Super Mable Towable by Sportstuff is one of the best selling tow tubes. It’s a great starter tow tube, even for younger children. There are a few different versions available ranging from a 2 passenger model all the way up to a 6 passenger model.

Tow Rope

jet ski accessories

If you’re going to have a tow tube, it’s important to have good quality tow rope.

The Airhead tow rope can pull tubes from up to 60 feet away. It’s made from a pre-stretched UV-resistant 16-strand rope.

Waterproof Phone Case

jet ski accessories

You’ll definitely want to make sure your phone is protected when out on the water. Instead of buying a new waterproof case every time you get a new phone, you can invest in a universal case that will last for years.

This universal case from Joto is one of the best options available.

Waterproof speakers

jet ski accessories

Music makes the ride way more fun! Get yourself a good set of waterproof speakers.

The Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is one of the best jet ski stereo systems available. These wireless bluetooth speakers can be used on any power sports vehicle, making it compatible with every PWC out there.


jet ski accessories

A good wetsuit can extend your riding season into the cooler months. Even tropical climates experience colder days on the water from time to time, but that doesn’t have to stop you from riding.

There are hundreds of options, and everyone’s needs vary. Check out this awesome guide to find the best option for you: www.jetskitips.com

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