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‘Two-Headed Snake Bit Me’: Man Gets Two Snake Bites at Once

“Ow! I just got bit twice,” Jay Brewer of @jayprehistoricpets says right after both heads of a two-headed snake bit him. Brewer has 7.8 million followers on the social media platform, where he shares his love for reptiles.

The rare animal is a non-venomous Texas rat snake, Brewer explains in a YouTube video. Brewer says it’s a female—or should we say “they are females,” since the snake has two heads and two brains?

Brewer clearly is not threatened by the snake, which snaps at him multiple times before both heads find their mark on his finger. The bites don’t appear to draw blood.

Watch a two-headed snake give Brewer two bites at once in his post, which starts: “TWO HEADED SNAKE BIT ME 😳”:

In the longer YouTube video of this interaction, Brewer appears to be showing the snake off to a group of children. He even allows a child to hold the feisty two-headed snake, and it eventually bites him too. The child isn’t harmed, thankfully, and he describes the bite as a “pinch.”

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