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Best Products at ICAST 2021: Costa

Costa is constantly evolving. They are taking fishing nets at the end of their lives and giving them new ones by recycling them into the latest collection of polarized sunglasses, The Untangled 2.0 Collection. This new collection is the epitome of the Costa brand and what they strive for.

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The 2.0 collection is made from recycled fishing nets, and they have had some advancements in the refining process to achieve more in what they want to do with their high-performing frames. Costa can now provide more high wraps, side and top shielding frames that are almost to the point that they are like regular sunglasses and do not feel like they are made out of recyclable material.

The Costa Santiago has some great top, wrap and side shields. When wearing these frames, you almost feel that you are not wearing a recycled frame. The guiding in them day after day will help reduce eye strain.

For more of a lifestyle feel, try the Antille. They come in multiple different frame colors, but the black on black gives you more of a west coast feel, and you are ready to get out on the water.

For more information, visit: https://www.costadelmar.com/en-us

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