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Best Products at ICAST 2021: Chums

Chums new tideland retainer is the latest and most high-tech retainer! This new product for 2021 has interchangeable ends that allow you to pull the retainers right out. Available in two different sizes, you can leave the ends on and change out the retainer. This Chums retainer can fit any set of reading or sunglasses. 

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Chums new retainer has features such as removable silicone temple ends to fit any pair of sunglasses. This sleek retainer is made of Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel and is fully adjustable from 10″ to 15.5″ will keep your sunglasses in place on any adventure. 


  • Fully adjustable retainer from 10″ to 15.5″
  • Includes set of 2 interchangeable ends for all temple end sizes
  • Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel wire
  • Silicone temples do not lose shape or stretch over time
  • Made in the USA

For more information, visit: https://chums.com/

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