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Watch a Mountain Lion Drag Its Prey Through a Colorado Backyard

For those who live on the border of human society and untamed wilderness, nature tends to happen right on the doorstep and in living color. A recent video posted to X from Livermore, Colorado resident Shari Fortson shows a mountain lion dragging its prey right through her backyard.

Fortson lives in Glacier View Meadows near the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. Much of Colorado is home to mountain lions, including the Front Range, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

In the video, a mountain lion drags its prey (a deer) somewhat awkwardly between its legs across an open space. At one point it stops, looks back at the human filming and stares for a good 15 seconds. Then, it picks up its meal and continues on into the brush.

Watch it here:

The CPW NE Region retweeted Fortson’s video and shares additional context. The organization says the mountain lion is bringing its catch to a “food cache”—a hideout it’ll return to over the next several days to continue feasting on its prey.

CPW NE Region further calls the video “a rare look” and suggests it’s not a common sight to see.

Can you imagine seeing this in your backyard?

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