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Best Products at ICAST 2021: AFTCO

AFTCO has come out one of the coolest things in outdoor apparel and that is ECONYL. Rescue is the newest line premiered at ICAST. This new AFTCO line Rescue function meets sustainability. Rescue utilizes ECONYL. ECONYL is, is regenerated nylon. They take things like decommissioned things like commercial fishing nets and fabric. They take it and break it down into the fibers and spin that into the performance shirt or performance shorts. The ECONYL performance wears exactly like other non ECONYL performance wear. It feels exactly like the other AFTCO performance wear. 

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The Adapt Tactical Phase Change Performance Shirt. It has AFTCO’s new phase change technology. What this means is it has dynamic cooling and warming technology. It picks up on your core temperature and hits or cools according to that. It is the best of both worlds. Truly unique in all aspects, Phase Change technology resets the bar in the performance category. Essential features include UPF 50, SpeedVent™ hood with integrated face mask, mesh ventilation panels, and a custom camo print that means business. There are a lot of functional technical features on this shirt and it will be available 2022.

The New Barricade Elite Jacket and Bib is the pinnacle for all of the foul weather systems. The jacket has a 4 layer construction. They are differeinated in that construction. Most jackets are 2 to 3 layers. This 30K waterproof / 7K breathable system is built to perform, featuring the innovative SpeedVent™ Hood which eliminates neck strain, Double Dry Cuffs to prevent water seepage, YKK AquaGuard® chest zippers, kill switch D-Ring, reinforced utility pocket, and reflective logos. The fabric itself is a marine grade saltwater spec fabric. What this means is it is built to be tested in saltwater to ensure that it is going to last. 

AFTCO takes great pride in its tradition of unwavering commitment to help protect our fishing resources and for that reason they give 10% of the company profits back every year to ensure that people for generations to come will be able to provide a future to fish. 

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