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Watch: Bear Demolishes a Front Porch to Score That ‘Sweet, Sweet Honey’

A man in British Columbia, Canada, captured the scene of a black bear taking extreme measures to access some honey.

Ryan Chadwick shared a video on his Instagram account with the simple label “Anything for that sweet, sweet honey.”

The bear ripped up floorboards in the video to access a honey bee hive. The onlookers weren’t able to do anything but watch.

Chadwick didn’t share much information, but in the comments, he says the incident happened at a friend’s house. Slightly before the bear arrived, Chadwick says he offered to help the friend remove the hive, but now the bear has taken care of it.

This time of year for black bears is when they begin their hyperphagia, which is preparing for hibernation. It essentially sends the bears into a feeding frenzy.

Wildlife officials say bears will go to new extremes to fill their desire for food. People should be extra vigilant this time of year and properly dispose of trash and not leave food in any place that a bear could access.

Outdoors.com has contacted Chadwick for more information about his post but have not yet heard back.

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