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Watch: Bear Surprises A Rock Climber in Wyoming

A rock climber’s latest project went from challenging to boss level after a bear got too close for comfort. An Instagram video caught the entire interaction.

Rollin Grimmett says he and friends were climbing last Sunday in the Wild Iris climbing area near Wyoming’s Wind River Range. 

Climbers spotted the bear shortly after arriving and took proper safety measures by yelling at the bear to keep its distance. However, they could hear the animal going through someone’s backpack a short time later. Finally, the bear reappeared when Grimmett was working on the first few moves of a climb.

In the video, you can see how quickly Grimmett gets down and unties from the rope. The climber joked about it on his social media post, saying, “Bear necessity: the ability to untie your knot in four seconds.”

Grimmett says after the video ends, the climbers threw rocks and yelled to scare the animal away. They didn’t see the bear again but left a short time later.
Here are some safety steps to follow when encountering a bear outdoors.

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