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Here Are the First Videos From Hurricane Idalia as it Makes Landfall in Florida

Hurricane Idalia officially made landfall Wednesday morning in Florida. Experts say the storm was a category three hurricane, bringing 125 miles per hour winds as it hit the coast.

Here are some of the first videos out of Florida from Hurricane Idalia.

After making landfall in Keaton Beach, storm trackers say the hurricane dropped to a category two storm.

Heavy rain and high storm surges were widespread across the Florida panhandle but brought some of the highest storm surges to Cedar Key, which saw water rise 6.8 feet above normal high tide.

As of 9:00 a.m. EST, over 245,000 people in the Sunshine State are without power.

Meteorologists and media on the ground report large amounts of debris floating around and damaging winds.

The storm is heading north through Georgia before going through the Carolinas and back into the Atlantic. 

Here is a live stream from meteorologist Reed Timmer.

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