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Trail Cam Catches Bears Playing With Teddy Bears in the Forest

When a black bear comes across a couple of stuffed teddy bears in a wooded area, it stays to play for a while. A trail camera captured the whole thing on film, including when a second black bear comes to join in on the fun.

NBC Montana shared the video today on its YouTube channel with only a little bit of context. “Thanks to Don Redfoot for sending us this video of a couple of bears outside of Red Lodge having some fun with stuffed animals on a game cam,” the caption reads.

Red Lodge, Montana is just a couple driving hours northeast of Yellowstone National Park near-ish the Wyoming/Montana border. Redfoot is no stranger to bears on his property, at least according to a 2020 article in a local news outlet, which details a bear break-in at Redfoot’s home. The article says Redfoot and his wife set up trail cameras in their backyard with stuffed animals to see if real-life animals will interact with them.

In this case, the bait worked. The first playful bear in the video rolls around with a stuffed version of itself, having a grand-old time.

Watch bears playing with teddy bears in Montana here:

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