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What’s That Swimming in the Pacific Ocean? It’s Definitely a Deer.

If you were today years old when you realized that deer occasionally go for a swim in the ocean, same. Yesterday, local news station KSBW shared a video of something swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s not what you’d think.

In the video, you can barely make out something fuzzy getting tossed about in the waves. The person recording appears to have zoomed in as far as his or her device will allow. There’s plenty of wildlife in the Monterey Bay area, but it’s pretty clear this animal is neither shark nor whale nor sea otter.

In fact, it appears to a land animal. As the waves toss the animal to shore, it takes shape as it stands up and walks away after its nice, refreshing dip. At that point, it’s finally clear that the animal is a deer.

KSBW says the video is from Seacliff State Beach, which is near Santa Cruz along the central California coast. Deer do live in the greater Santa Cruz area, especially in nearby state parks and wooded areas, but it’s still strange to see one hanging out at the beach.

Watch a deer “swimming” in the ocean here:

Do you think this deer ended up in the ocean on purpose?

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