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50 Campfires: Campfire Sessions – The Kid [VIDEO]

On our trip to the Oregon Coast, we were treated to a young singer songwriter who simply refers to himself as “The Kid.” He was living in Portland at the time, and he drove quite a distance to meet us in camp. He was kind of soul and had a sort of Jack Kerouac vibe, and when he started to strum we became immediate fans. Check out what Yarrow Craner, the founder of HATCH had to say:

From the roots of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie sprouts The Kid. A true American folksinger from Austin, Texas. Currently The Kid has been playing intimate bars and private shows for many of the progressive elites like John Mackey (CEO Whole Foods), prime ministers, and many of the young tech developers of the generation. -“The Kid’s the Bob Dylan of our generation!”- Miki and Radha Agrawal (CEO’s of thinx and Daybreaker) “I just imagined, that must of been what is what like to see Dylan in his prime.

Enjoy this performance and if you see him on a bill in Portland (or anywhere), it would be worth your time to grab a seat.

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