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‘That Looks Absolutely Terrifying’: New Jersey Surfers Flock to the Coast for Massive Waves

A new video from New Jersey shows the massive waves that followed this past weekend’s storms. A group of surfers not only highlighted the huge swells, but they also got out there themselves.

A powerful storm made its way up the East Coast this week, bringing widespread flooding from Charleston, SC, to Maine. While recovery continues in some areas, others found impressive waves left behind in its path.

Ryan Simalchik captured this footage of waves off the Garden State’s coast.

The video starts with Simalchik and friends watching a video of the massive waves and commenting, “That looks absolutely terrifying.” That anxiety doesn’t stop them from grabbing their boards and heading to the beach. The surfers then catch towering waves and ride through a handful of barrels. The video uses music from the Gaslight Anthem, perhaps the most Jersey band since Bruce Springsteen, to remind you that this is New Jersey.

The East Coast is known for much smaller waves compared to what the Pacific Ocean produces in places like California. However, these beasts towered as high as 20 feet. That’s according to Surfline, an app that forecasts waves for surfers.

While there is no official record for the biggest waves ever in New Jersey, Simalchik says he thinks it was one of the top days for surfers in state history.

“Best ever day in Jersey? Definitely in the conversation,” wrote Simalchik in his post. “One claim we are totally comfortable throwing around was definitely the biggest surf I’ve ever seen here. Some of the heaviest, too.”

While the waves have cooled down since Monday, Surfline predicts the East Coast will see better waves this winter than usual. The company says the impacts of El Nino and additional storms will help churn up more surf days.

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