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Under Armor Tuned Shoreline Polarized Shock Sunglasses

If you would’ve told us a month ago that we needed specialized sunglasses to go fishing – we would’ve walked away from the conversation. It was our opinion that any polarized glasses worked just fine – and as long as they protected us from UV rays, we were in business. Everything changed last month when we discovered the Under Armor Tuned Shoreline sunglasses.

When we arrived at the lake, it was already a blue sky day, and the grumbling had started that we should wait for the sun to start setting before casting our lines in the water. Unfortunately, this was our only day to fish – and we weren’t going to let it slip away. Fortunately for us, it was also our first day experiencing the Under Armor Tuned Shoreline sunglasses. Spoiler: they rocked!

First off, a “traditional” pair of polarized sunglasses aren’t designed specifically for shallow water…they’re designed for EVERYTHING – meaning they aren’t tuned for specific conditions. The Under Armor Tuned Shoreline lenses are tuned specifically to provide contrast enhancement for shallow water – which is exactly where we’re fishing most of the time.

Our crew loves to bring along our fishing equipment whenever we head out to camp near a lake or river…and we’re rarely in a boat. The Under Armor Tuned sunglasses are made for us. We found ourselves calling out structure and fish in the water that the others couldn’t see. It was a common occurance to take off our sunglasses and hand them over to the others on our trip, just so they could understand what we saw below the surface.

The glasses are comfortable, and we had no problem wearing them all day without fatigue. Sure, they block out UVA/B/C rays, but the polarization is truly what sets these glasses apart from the pack.

If you enjoy fishing shallow water, from the shoreline, docks or even a boat – the Under Armor Tuned Shoreline Polarized Sunglasses are for you.

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