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This Unlikely Friendship Between a Dog and an Owl Will Melt Your Heart

Tanja Brandt is a wildlife photographer from Germany. Her latest work tells the story of her handsome dog Ingo and Poldi, a wise and fluffy little owlet. The duo has captured the hearts of many people on social media—including ours. The two unlikely friends enjoy posing for pictures together and appear to have formed a loving bond.

Tanja has documented the unlikely BFFs for over a year. Whether they are playing chess or taking naps together, it’s amazing to see the contrast between the sizes of the two animals and how well they tolerate each other. Tanja is always close by, ready to take a photo and share it with her 500k followers.

Ingo is a magnificent Belgian Malinois, a sheep-herding dog breed. According to the American Kennel Club’s website, they are “smart, confident and versatile” and are likely to grow to 22-26 inches tall (55-66 cm). These dogs love to spend time outdoors, getting plenty of exercise with their owners. Ingo is no exception.

Ingo and Poldi are just two of Tanja’s many photography subjects. She also captures other wildlife using a Nikon D4 camera and several lenses. “Seeing things through the camera fascinates me. That’s the reason I take photographs,” Tanja shares in one of her Instagram posts. “Being alone with the animals is the most beautiful part of the process.”

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