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A Beginner’s Guide to Driving a Small Boat

Beginner’s guides are helpful for any and all of your boating needs. In this video, Dangar Marine goes through the basics of driving an outboard-powered runabout boat (or ‘tinnie’ as we call them locally.) This includes judging your speed, leaving and approaching a pontoon, maneuvering in a confined space, navigating in a channel and driving between moorings.

We also explore techniques such as using a deck line to spring on or off a pontoon
when weather gets bad. This is a great way to avoid running into trouble when the wind picks up as it does by the end of this video.

If you are new to boating and looking for a few pointers before heading out on the water this video is a good place to start, but even if you are more experienced you might still learn something from this one.

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