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‘Don’t Try This’: Kayaker Takes Epic Plunge Down a Massive Waterfall

A new video shared by ESPN shows how extreme whitewater kayaking can be. In the video, Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses impressively navigates a massive plunge down a waterfall.

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The professional kayaker hits the water below and easily pops up back up.

ESPN simply titled the video “Don’t try this.” The majority of the comments agree. One stated, “As if I was going to try this.” Another said, “Don’t worry, I have no plans to try this.”

There’s no word on where this wild ride took place, but Serrasolses is a Red Bull athlete known for making big ascents like this. He was the first to take the dive at Canada’s Keyhole Falls. The waterfall stands nearly 115 feet tall. Serrasolses has also won multiple events around the world, making him qualified for wild rides like the one shared by ESPN.

Looking for a Red Bull event you can be part of? Check out the Wings for Life World Run.

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