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Yes, ChatGPT Can Help People Get Outdoors—Here’s How

You may have asked ChatGPT for dating advice, how to understand physics, or to diagnose you based on medical symptoms you suddenly have, but have you used ChatGPT to help you with your outdoor adventures?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) language model developed by OpenAI designed to generate human-like text responses to users’ questions. ChatGPT uses a deep-learning algorithm that has been trained on a vast amount of text data to understand and generate responses from sources like academic journals, websites, and Wikipedia.The dataset only goes up to 2021, so it has that limitation, but AI provides what endless internet searches do not—targeted answers and the ability to filter information based on the preferences of the user.

Believe it or not, ChatGPT can be a resource for encouraging and assisting more people in going outside by providing information, inspiration, and guidance. More tech is not always the answer when it comes to the outdoors, but if you’re okay keeping your device by your side, having ChatGPT in your corner can enhance your experience.

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Here are some examples of how this could be possible:

Gain Outdoor Knowledge and Information

ChatGPT can provide information about a wide range of outdoor topics, from hiking trails to camping tips, wildlife identification, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices. You can use ChatGPT to find a trail or, even better, understand the history of a place you’re visiting.

Ask Questions About Nature

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If you’ve ever been curious about an animal or plant you see on an outdoor adventure, the ability to ask questions and learn about various aspects of nature, including flora, fauna, ecosystems, and geology, is a major bonus of using an AI language tool. Learn as you explore, with your personal AI tour guide—and, in doing so, foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Plan Faster and Get Personalized Recommendations

By asking targeted questions, the AI language model can help you plan outdoor trips by suggesting destinations that fit your specific needs, offering insights into popular hiking trails or landmarks, and recommending the best outdoor gear or equipment tailored to your specific interests or skill level.

By asking for recommendations for outdoor destinations based on location, distance, and any other parameters you have, like cost, ChatGPT can suggest the best national parks, local parks, hiking trails, or scenic spots for you. 

Plus, you can get information on accessibility and amenities. You can ask about weather conditions, where to find trail maps, permits, safety tips, and even get packing lists. It’s like having your own personal travel agent.

Learn How to Take Care of the Environment

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Although AI language models aren’t guaranteed to be unbiased, you can ask ChatGPT about environmental issues, climate change, and conservation and easily find out how to minimize your impact while outdoors. With easy access to information about how to protect natural ecosystems and engage in sustainable practices, this technology could help promote more responsibility when outdoors.

Access Key Safety and Preparation Tips

Whether or not you’ll have service when a crisis comes around is debatable, but ahead of time, you can ask ChatGPT for tips on appropriate clothing for your adventure, hydration advice, what navigation tools to use, and basic first aid tips. AI can compile personalized recommendations for how to deal with wildlife encounters, extreme weather conditions, and emergency situations based on who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re doing.

Feel More Comfortable Going Outside

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If you have limited mobility, accessibility challenges, or anxiety, it may be nice to know that if you ChatGPT for help, you’ll get answers. This reality may help more people feel comfortable going outdoors. You can lean on the AI tool to discover alternatives if your first choice isn’t accessible, gather adaptive equipment recommendations, or find resources for inclusive outdoor activities.

Of course, there are downsides to relying on your phone all the time while outdoors, but in some cases, the pros may outweigh the cons. There’s no way to know the ultimate consequences of integrating more AI into our lives, and the future of outdoor travel is unclear, but if you need a little help getting outside, save some time, ask ChatGPT some questions, and maybe you’ll find yourself better prepared.

What are some ways you’ve used ChatGPT?

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