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Tackle Tip: Basic King Rig

Captain Todd Jones gives a quick tutorial on a basic king rig, in this Outdoors.com Tackle Tip.

Basic 2-Hook King Rig

  • Start with two live bait hooks on wire. We recommend a #5 wire, which is lighter, but allows bait to swim better.
  • You’ll want to attach the hooks with a haywire twist.
  • Then, take one of the hooks and go right through the loop of the wire that you’ve made.
  • Make another loop, and then make a haywire twist with that. The key to the haywire twist is to make sure you have the V formed. You can actually pinch where the hook is attached, grab it by the V & then make the twist.
  • Next, you’ll make 3-5 barrel wraps to lock everything in place.
  • Very important: do not cut the wire! Break the wire. Make a 90 degree angle and twist the wire back and forth until it breaks. This is critical because a cut wire will be sharp and could cut you. And that’s your simple king rig!

And that’s your basic king rig – best of luck out on the water!

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