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Ben Swanson’s Top 5 Rapala Lures

Ben Swanson is down in Panama City Beach visiting from Minnetonka, Minnesota. In September 2019, Ben won the Student Angler Tournament Trail Tournament of Champions. Here’s a list of his top 5 baits for fishing inshore, saltwater from Rapala.

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Top Water Baits:
Red Fish is similar to Bass fishing up North. Ben chose two different sizes of the Skitter Walk lure to easily match the hatch. He also chose the Saltwater X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet from Rapala, particularly for red fish.

Jerk Baits:
Ben’s goal with this bait is to not only get the Red Fish attention easily, but because of their inferior mouth, you have to get right in front of them. He chose the X-Rap!

His favorite Rapala bait of all-time is the Shadow-Rap. He loves it for Bass up north and can’t wait to try it out with Red Fish!

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