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Watch a Trapper Tangle With a Massive 17-Foot Burmese Python

Matthew Kogo “wrestles” a 17-foot Burmese python in the Florida Everglades in a recent Instagram video on his public profile (@pythonswampman). Though he offers some “tips and tricks” for tangling with a snake this large, the trapper also advises followers not to try this at home. Unless, maybe, you live in south Florida.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) allows members of the public to trap Burmese pythons because these massive constrictor snakes are an invasive species, and they compete with native snakes for resources.

“Members of the public may capture and humanely kill nonnative reptiles like Burmese pythons,” FWC says plainly on its website. “The FWC works with partners to manage Burmese pythons in a variety of ways. However, we encourage the public to get involved, too!”

Burmese pythons live primarily in the Everglades ecosystem in south Florida. These nonvenomous snakes grow to be up to 18 feet long, although they’re typically 6-9 feet long. They’re constrictors, which means they squeeze their prey to death before eating it whole.

In Kogo’s video, he adeptly holds the snake’s head, switching hands as the snake tries to wrap its humongous self around the trapper’s arms and body. He says he’s allowing the snake to tire itself out without tiring himself out in the process.

Watch a trapper tangle with a massive Burmese python here:

Would you tangle with a massive python for conservation?

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