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5 Ways to Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

Since 2019, June has been Great Outdoors Month. The celebration first started as Great Outdoors Week under President Bill Clinton in 1988, and the informal holiday has grown into a month-long celebration since then. The month may be half over, but it’s not too late to celebrate.  Here are five ways to get outside during Great Outdoors Month.

1. Head to a state park

If you aren’t lucky enough to live down the road from one of our nation’s great National Parks, try heading out to a state park instead. There might be one in your own backyard. Whether you take a walk in the woods or a dip in a lake, there are lots of ways to enjoy nature no matter where you live. Also, check out these top-rated hiking trails in every state.

2. Go camping

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Camping doesn’t have to be remote; you can camp in your backyard too (or in a local state park). Plan a weekend camping trip for family and friends where you roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars. This is also a fun way to introduce your young kids to camping.

3. Hop on a boat (or a paddleboard)

Whether you get on a boat, a paddleboard, or a canoe, there are lots of ways to enjoy the water this Great Outdoors Month. (There’s just something about feeling the wind hit your skin when you’re out on the water.) Head to a local lake, river, or coastline, and enjoy getting away from the craziness of everyday life. You may even see some interesting plants and animals along the way.

4. Host an outdoor movie night

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So you don’t want to get lost in the woods? That’s fair. Have a DIY movie night in your backyard instead. All you need is a white bedsheet and a projector. Grab some cozy blankets and your friends’ favorite snacks and spend some time outside without going too far from home. If it’s a hit, you can even make it a weekly event or an annual gathering. 

5. Cook a full meal over a fire

Chances are it’s been a while since you’ve cooked a meal over a fire you built yourself, but there’s something so delicious about the smoky flavor that a fire can bring out in a scrumptious meal. Whether you stick to your favorites or try something new, it’s sure to be a memorable time for you and your family.

How do you plan to celebrate? Tell us in the comments.

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