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Wine-Tapas Overview

Let’s set the scene. The sun is shining, the temperature is on the rise and there you sit, comfortably bored in a lawn chair enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. Unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and smiling faces. The outdoors in the summertime also has it share of bugs, gnats, and mosquitoes that can pay you an unwanted visit. These bugs seem to enjoy wine as much as we do because we are constantly finding them in our glass. Rather than “going fishing” to get a bug out of your glass or dumping the wine out and starting over, we ran across a simple product that was designed specifically for this problem.

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The Wine-Tapa solves this issue by creating a impenetrable seal around the top of your glass. No more sharing your wine with unwanted bugs. The bottom has a great edge integrated into the design to keep the cover on your glass in the wind or when you are walking around mingling. The Wine-Tapa also allows your wine to breath by integrating a metal-mesh center where air can get in. They come in multiple colors, fully customizable for gifts or special occasions, and are priced very well. We like the idea of getting these customized with a name for a bridal party, wedding, family reunion, or a host of other outdoor parties.

Check out their website here to see for yourself and pick your favorite color.

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