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6 Products to Easily Remove Ticks From Your Body

We love the outdoors! Walking through the woods and fields of a nearby park awakens the soul. Unfortunately, it can also awaken a herd of blood sucking ninjas. Yes, we’re talking about ticks. If they didn’t carry things like lime disease we might be less concerned with them, but because they can cause larger problems than taking a few drops of blood we need to remove them carefully and safely as soon as they are found clinging to your or your pets. You might have heard techniques for removing them like burning them off, drowning them or the pinch and pull method, but there are tools that make the process much more effective. We’ve collected our top 5 products that will remove ticks from your body quickly and safely.

Products to Remove Ticks

Remove Ticks - Product 6
Trix Tick Lasso

Trix Tick Lasso

The Trix Tick Removal Tool eliminates this possibility by grabbing the tick’s mouth. Then, with a half twist you can easily remove it. It will stay attached until you drop it into either the garbage or a volcano (whichever you think it deserves). If you’re an outdoor family, this a no-brainer addition to the camp box. Check out our product overview here.

Price: $14.94

Remove Ticks - Product 1
Tick Twister Pro

Tick Twister Pro – by Contech

If you want to remove ticks quickly and efficiently, the Contech Tick Twister Pro is the way to go. This product will completely remove the entire head of the tick from your skin without squeezing the abdomen. Because it removes the head without squeezing the abdomen you reduce the risk of infectious diseases like Lyme Disease transferring to you or your pets. On top of these benefits, it’s small enough to fit on your key chain.

Price: $6.95

How to remove ticks
The Tick Key

The Tick Key – by Tick Key Products, LLC.

When it comes to portability the Tick Key does the trick. It comes in a lot of different colors and can be attached to key chains, dog or cat collars or leashes to ensure you are never left in the woods without one. You can walk through the woods with confidence with one of these at the ready. 

Price: $5.98

Remove Ticks - Product 3
Tick Remover

Tick Remover

Don’t just remove the ticks, turn it into a science project by using the included booklet to identify the tick species. This high quality, key chain tick remover will easily get those pesky insects off yourself, your partner or your pets with a simple, but effective design. The name says it all. 

Price: $5.56


Remove Ticks - Product 4
Ticked Off ™ 3 Pack

Ticked Off ™ 3 Pack – by Ginesis Products

It might look like a measuring cup, but it’s actually a great tool to remove ticks. The slit on the edge efficiently pulls the tick up by the head and traps the ticks in the round spoon area for observing what species it is or releasing back into the wild. 

Price (for 3 pack):$7.65

Remove Ticks - Product 5
TickEase Tick Remover

TickEase Tick Remover – by TickEase


Sometimes you encounter a tick that’s so small it renders a slotted tick remover ineffective. For the smallest of ticks this tool features a tiny tweezer end that compliments the slot style end used for larger ticks. You can buy kits with tweezers and slotted removers, but this is the only product we found that has both on one tool.

Price: $7.74






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