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This Tick Removal Tool Works Like A Charm

Getting outdoors means you are volunteering to become a mobile playground for ticks. It just comes with the territory. I grew up in the country, and never thought about a tick removal tool. We would just pull them off and keep playing. As I’ve grown older and known several people who have become very sick from tick bites, I’ve become a bit more cautious both in prevention and removal.

The thing that creeps me out about removing a tick with your hands is that you might unknowingly squeeze some infected tick juice back into your body. 

The Trix Tick Removal Tool eliminates this possibility by grabbing the tick’s mouth. Then, with a half twist you can easily remove it. It will stay attached until you drop it into either the garbage or a volcano (whichever you think it deserves).

If you’re an outdoor family, $22 makes this a no-brainer addition to the camp box.

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