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6 Fastest Bass Boats of 2023

When it comes to bass boats, the ability to hit high speeds allows anglers to find fishing spots in less time. It’s not uncommon for boats to max out anywhere between 40 and 70 miles per hour (mph), but some bass boats are optimized to travel much faster and may be equipped with a sharp V-shaped bottom to increase speed and stability.

Achieving top speed depends on several factors including fuel levels, temperature, water conditions, riding with/against wind and weight of the load onboard. For the average angler, there’s generally no need to travel faster than 70 mph. However, in tournaments, gaining time speeding across a body of water could offer a huge advantage and lead to a win. These six bass boats are the fastest available.

Nitro Z21 XL

For serious anglers looking to upgrade to a high-performance bass boat with speed, Nitro is an excellent choice. These fiberglass boats are laid out to catch fish and are designed to move quickly for casual outings and competitive tournaments alike.

Nitro recommends a max of 300 horsepower (HP) engine, but enthusiasts report the Nitro Z21 XL can reach low-70 mph speeds with a 250 L FourStroke w/Torque Master Mercury Pro XS, leaving room for more speed potential.

Despite being on the lower end of the price spectrum in this category of fast bass boats, many used Nitro boats hold their value exceptionally well and can be found on the market listed close to their original price.

Price: Starting at $64,995

Length: 21 feet, 2 inches

Beam: 95 inches

Weight: 2,150 pounds

Nitro Z21 XL Full Specs

Triton 21 XrT

While it is one of the larger bass boats in this lineup, its size doesn’t hold the Triton 21 XrT back. This fiberglass boat has plenty of potential for speed. Triton’s bass fishing boats are well known for their performance and are designed for topping leaderboards.

It’s recommended to run the Triton 21 XrT with the Mercury 250L or 300L Pro XS Torque Master 1.75. In one test, with the 250L the 21 XrT reached 30 mph in 7.6 seconds and hit a top speed of more than 71 mph with room to get up to mid-70 mph speeds. Another test topped out at 73.7 mph with the Mercury 250L Pro XS and a Hot-Foot throttle.

Price: Starting at $76,995

Length: 21 feet

Beam: 95 inches

Weight: 2,050 pounds

Triton 21 XrT Full Specs

Blazer 625 Pro Elite

Image by Blazer Boats

Tournament wins take a mix of luck, skill, determination and the right rig. The Blazer 625 Pro Elite is a versatile bass-fishing boat that offers a fully composite-construction performance hull paired with an aggressive, padded running surface, plenty of storage and contoured seats that make high-speed runs more comfortable.

The standard-issue passenger grab bars will get a workout when the throttle opens up. A deep dive into bass-boat forums unveils the Blazer 625 Pro Elite can hit just under 80 mph with a Mercury 250L Pro XS V8, and up to 82 to 84 mph with a Yamaha Sho.

Price: Starting at $92,000

Length: 20 feet, 6 inches

Beam: 93 inches

Weight: 1,400 pounds

Blazer 625 Pro Elite Full Specs

Bass Cat Eyra

The Bass Cat Eyra is like a muscle car, but for water. This stylish bass boat is as powerful as it is nice to look at. Designed for efficient anglers, it features a hyper-sensitive hull to masterfully manage throttle and steering at high speeds. Plus, it’s packed with thoughtful storage to keep anglers’ actions just as fluid on board as the boat is on water.

Rated for 200 to 300 HP, Bass Cat reports hitting speeds up to 80 mph with a Mercury Racing V8 4.6L 300R outboard. Take a virtual test ride with a Bass Cat pro to get 360 degrees of visibility, including shots from the side showing the Eyra effortlessly gliding over Lake X.

Price: Starting at $79,000

Length: 20 feet, 2 inches

Beam: 94 inches

Weight: 1,715 pounds

Bass Cat Eyra Full Specs

Gambler 21

Image by Gamblers Boat

Enjoy a smooth and dry ride in the incredibly agile Gambler 21 bass boat. The engineering combines sleek lines from its racing hull heritage and full tournament-fishing functionality. The most widely available model, priced in the $70,000 to $80,000 range, ended production in the early 2000s. However, because this boat holds its value exceptionally well, it’s not uncommon to find used Gambler 21s on the market that are still ready to ride. That said, Hat Creek Marine confirmed a relaunch of the Gambler 21 in March 2023 with a new hull, starting around mid-$90,000.

Gambler recommends running the 21 with 200 to 300 HP. Favorite hats should be firmly secured in a cargo hold before letting loose on the throttle: Enthusiasts have reported hitting speeds in the mid-80 mph range with a variety of outboards.

Price: Starting at $70,000

Length: 20 feet. 7 inches

Beam: 93.5 inches

Weight: 2000 pounds

Gambler 21 Full Specs

Allison ProSport Sport Utility Boat

Image by Allison Boats

The Allison ProSport Sport Utility Boat features a bass boat interior sitting atop a world-record-holding hull design, easily making the ProSport XB-21 a top choice in terms of performance, efficiency, comfort and versatility. It offers much-needed wind protection and ergonomics to make the ride more comfortable.

The Allison XB-21 is well known for hitting speeds that can easily be considered spicy. With a 225 V6 outboard the Allison ProSport zooms up to mid-80 mph speeds, and blisters in the mid-90s with a 250R outboard. Loaded to fish, the Allison XB-21 ProSport will do 105 mph with a Mercury Racing 300R outboard. In fact, this bass boat snagged a world record, hitting 116.7mph. At speeds like this, there’s a reason grab bars are called “oh sh** handles.”

Price: Starting at $63,500

Length: 21 feet, 2 inches

Beam: 93 inches

Weight: 1,250 to 1,290 pounds

Allison ProSport Sport Utility Boat Full Specs

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  1. keith layne reeves

    were is the bullet . they must have pissed someone out because allison and bullet is the fastest 2 by far.

  2. Ya’ll need to do better research. This is disinformation. While the Allison XB21 is top of the current food chain, it is the older lighter XB2002 that set the kilo speed record of 116MPH. I think the newer XB21 hull insome form has been over a hundred but no where near 116. How could ya’ll not know this ? So easy to verify online.

  3. Obviously very little was known in the writing of this article. Not tooting my own horn, but being a longtime Bullet owner, Allison and Bullet are the two fastest. Period.

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