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Kayaks Could Be the Next E-Bikes as Boats Go Electric

In the last few years, e-bikes have grown in popularity, and kayaks could be next. New designs set to hit the market will take pedal kayaks and add an electric motor.

Similar to an e-bike, the Old Town Big Water ePDL+ kayak will have pedal assist. The well-known company has manufactured kayaks and canoes for over 100 years, and the electric focus is its latest evolution. Old Town announced the boat in July ahead of its release in January 2024.

Users can pedal the boat manually or turn on pedal assist like an e-bike. It also has a “cruise control” mode that moves the kayak under its own power. 

The recent move to electric motorized pedals has helped more people get on bikes. A recent survey from the National Institute for Transportation and Communities found that e-bikes positively impacted how people travel, with more people picking a bike over a car. 

One of the only roadblocks e-bikes have hit is backlash from riders in outdoor spaces. Many celebrate the innovation’s ability to get more people riding, while some fear overcrowding on trails and other environmental issues. 

Would you try an electric kayak?

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