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Bear Grylls Lit Hand Sanitizer On Fire To Cook A Meal In The Rain

Bear Grylls has had to come up with all kinds of ways to survive in the wild. Some of those may only seem doable, let alone tolerable, to some folks if death were, literally, the only other alternative.

For an episode of Wild Adventure Specials it was a much more unusual technique, but one that could be used in a less severe instance. The program featured Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Nicola Adams going outside the ring to cook a meal.

Bear explained how a common household item came through in a big way.

“Hand sanitizer has become a thing in all our lives, hasn’t it?” he told Good Morning Britain. “But so much of survival is about being resourceful and improvising.

“So while out there, we had some eggs, but it was pouring with rain, there was no chance of a fire. So we wrapped it in some tissue, a bit of hand sanitizer, lit it and it cooked the boiled egg.”

The MacGyver-style solution saved the day and gave the pair some needed protien.

Grylls would also say that Adams was a ‘true champion’ and that she also overcame a fear of heights during their adventures.

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