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Bear Grylls Announces New Program, Releases Footage of Visit To Ukraine

Bear Grylls has confirmed that his visit to Ukraine would soon be shared to the world.

Grylls posted on social media that his team at The Natural Studios would soon be releasing the project. He did not give a date, but did release the name and some footage of his time with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Our programme with Ukraine’s President Zelensky is coming soon. Details from @banijaygroup @NaturalStudios_,” he posted. “Stay tuned for ‘WAR ZONE: Bear Grylls Meets President Zelensky’. Where we see a side of the President never seen before.”

The accompanying video shows a behind-the-scenes moment between Grylls, Zelenskyy, and several assembled members. It appears they are sharing a snack and a few laughs about meeting one another.

Grylls announced in December that he had snuck himself and a crew into Ukraine to meet with the embattled leader.

At the time he also posted on his social media a thank you.

“This week I had the privilege to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and spend time with President Zelensky,” he said. “It has been an experience for me like no other. As the country goes into winter and with their infrastructure under attack, survival for millions of people is a very real daily struggle. Through this special programme the world will see a side of President Zelensky that has never been shown before. What I wanted to ask was how he was really coping… I got so much more. Coming soon! Thank you President Zelensky for your hospitality in a trying time. Stay Strong.”

Ukraine Since Grylls Left

Tensions have not eased in Ukraine in the last month. Many Ukrainian authorities still have fear that Russian forces may attempt to take Kyiv again in the New Year.

As recently as Christmas Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia is “ready to negotiate” though Zelenskyy yhas maintained since this conflict began that he was not interested in negotiating with Russia.

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