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Bear Grylls Kicks Off 2023 with Helicopter Jumps

It may not be the ball dropping in Times Square, but it was surely something falling from the sky to mark a new year.

Of course it was Bear Grylls!

The adventurer and survivalist rang in 2023 in a rather unique way: jumping out of a helicopter and sharing it on social media.

“Jumping into 2023 with such a great team…,” Grylls posted on Twitter. “Here’s to many of YOUR great adventures ahead!”

The jump from a helicopter capped off an unusual — for some unusual, maybe normal for Grylls(??) — holiday week. He shared some photos playing ping pong with a tomahawk steak and took a polar plunge, elevating ice swimming in the process.

Want to jump, too?

Skydiving can be a ton of fun — as Grylls alludes to — and there are many options to try.

Grylls tagged AlpSkydive for his adventure and offered a second video just days prior.

“Want to do something crazy???,” he posted. “Come and join us at @alpskydive – tandem jumps on offer all over New Year for those who want to do something totally unique! #heli#tandem#skydive#onlyplaceonearth

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