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Bear Grylls: Using a Tomahawk Steak for Table Tennis?

Short version: yes.

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Yes, Bear Grylls used a tomahawk steak to play table tennis. Of all the “did Bear Grylls…” topics that could exist, today he swerved from survival to silly. Love it. The adventurer, explorer, author, . . . crazy person. . . did use a meat paddle to showcase a softer side of his personality.

Grylls posted on Instagram: “I’ve always loved table tennis . . . here are some highlights from some fun matches and battles. . .

“There have also been some interesting palettes used – from machetes with @jimmyfallon to mountains with @rogerfederer, and even tomahawk steaks with @ancestralsupplements #adventure #stateofmind #nevergiveup.”

Grylls tagged Ancestral Supplements in his post. It is a company that has been part of his nutritional revolution.

The company was built through an Ancestral lifestyle. It aims to make sure its ‘tribe’ lives a healthy and happy life. Ancestral Supplements is built upon a foundation of Ancestral Tenets that strives to push everyone for a healthy, happy life.

From the post, many other media outleets also connected Grylls to his recent trip to Ukraine.

Bear Grylls’ recent trip to Ukraine

To open December, Grylls confirmed that he both entered, and exited, the nation.

He posted after his extraction a message of thanks to the Ukrainian leader.

Grylls said, “This week I had the privilege to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and spend time with President Zelensky. It has been an experience for me like no other. As the country goes into winter and with their infrastructure under attack, survival for millions of people is a very real daily struggle. Through this special programme the world will see a side of President Zelensky that has never been shown before. What I wanted to ask was how he was really coping… I got so much more. Coming soon! Thank you President Zelensky for your hospitality in a trying time. Stay Strong.”

The theory is that he will have a new special in early 2023 based on the trip.

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  1. Now what did you do for a ball? I vote baked potato. Always have fun and be a bit crazy (safely).

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