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Bear Grylls Struggled To Complete ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge

Bear Grylls can recall a pretty nasty menu. The survivalist has put down skunk anus, rat brains, and berries scrapped out of feces. He has also enjoyed, well consumed, a helping of frozen Siberian yak eyeballs — blood, fluid, gristle and all — and fresh cut goat testicles.

While it may sound like all the makings of a cast-iron stomach, the heat of a ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge can down the best eater. Grylls choked his way through the battle.

“Yeah, unusual, the first thing it hits from here is your eyeball,” he coughed out, pointing from throat to eye. “That’s a bad sign. Wow.”

Hot Ones, if you do not know, is a YouTube show that has celebrities join host Sean Evans for an interview. Each stage of the interview is also marked by an increasingly spicy platter of chicken wings. Each episode is tagged with the phrase, “The show with hot questions, and even hotter wings.”

Grylls joined Evans to discuss a wide range of topics including his exploits on television as well as the congestion atop Mount Everest. The pair also went through several plates of wings and sharing moments of past guests — where Grylls said he was more boring than Gordon Ramsay!

The episode is worth a watch, but know that it ended with Grylls describing the heat as “one that hurts the teeth.”

“I’ve done so much over the years: Drinking blood from a buffalo artery, munching on raw liver and heart. It’s not difficult, but it’s not very pleasant,” he said in a separate interview with GQ about his diet.

Given the choice, none of those things would go into my body.

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