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Camping in West Florida: Bay Bayou RV Resort

Camp Florida had the opportunity to speak with Darla from the Bay Bayou RV Resort. She shared with us their proximity to Busch Gardens and other Tampa attractions, as well as what it takes to win the holiday decor contests. Listen to our full interview here:

Bay Bayou RV Resort, Florida

Camp Florida: I’m talking with Darla. She’s the Director of Advertising and Marketing at Bay Bayou RV Resort in Florida. How are you doing this morning, Darla?

Darla: Very well, thank you.

CF: So, let’s start with how long the RV Park has been there and how it got started.

Darla: It’s been there over thirty years. The current owners bought in June of 2011.

CF: Okay. And what are the most popular activities at the resort?


Darla: 91% of our guests choose our resort for a location. We are located near the beaches. We’re near the Tampa attractions. We’re on a river so there’s great fishing. We have a large heated pool at the park. Shuffleboard. Bocce ball. So, there are a lot of activities not only in the resort, but in the surrounding area, including golf and fishing.

CF: And if you had a little bit of downtime with the resort there and you were going to check out some of those local attractions, what are your favorite ones?

Darla: There’s great dining. There’s great antique shopping. Busch Gardens is only about 45 minutes away. That’s always a great place to go. Tarpon Springs is nearby. And many of our guests also come in for events at the Florida State Fairgrounds located in Tampa and also at Raymond James Stadium.

CF: Okay. Now, how do the rentals works? Can people rent nightly or is it all long-term?

Darla: Well, our site is purely an RV Resort. And what that means is that we don’t offer any rentals as far as we don’t rent RVs or park models, or anything. Everyone brings in their own coaches, whether it be travel trailers, or Class A’s, Class B’s, and we have sites. Each one of the sites has a concrete patio, water, sewer, and electrical hookup. And then we are in a natural environment, so most of the sites have some trees and shade, and mostly gravel and grass sites.

CF: Okay. And if you were going to stay at one of the particular sites, what’s your favorite site in particular at the resort there?

Darla: It really depends on the type of vehicle that you have. Our staff is wonderful at selecting a site that’s appropriate for your vehicle. We rent the sites daily, weekly, monthly, and we also have some annual residents that choose to come down for contract work or for various reasons and stay for a longer-term. It depends on whether the vehicle has slide-out, and the length of your vehicle, whether you need 30amp or 50amp service, but all of those details are discussed with you at the time of reservation.

CF: Okay. Now, what are some of the most popular activities at the resort, within the RV resort itself?

Darla: Well, we do a lot. We have a lot of events that go on throughout the year. We have swim aerobics. We have dancing. There are card games. Puzzles. We have events that are created by guests in the park, where we have bike rides and scavenger hunts. So, there are just so many different things. We have theme dinners. We have potlucks. There are full activities throughout the season, which our winter season of course is November through April. And then, in the summer, we have some activities as well. It’s on a lesser degree.

CF: Okay, it sounds like you guys work hard to create a strong sense of community there.


Darla: We do, and that’s one thing that most of our guests really like. We are a gated community. We’re in a natural environment. We have a lot of community spirit. During the holidays, we do a decoration contest, where everybody decorates their sites, and we have a holiday parade. So, there’s definitely a nice sense of community, and all of our guests and visitors feel that when they come to the Park.

CF: Okay. Well, it sounds like a great place. Thanks, Darla, for taking some time out of your day this morning to talk to us about Bay Bayou RV Resort. And we’ll get the information right out to our visitors on the website right away.

Darla: Sounds great. Thank you so much and I appreciate your time.

CF: All right, thanks a lot. Bye.

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