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5 Camping Gurus on YouTube That You Need to Check out

There is no better way to learn something than by watching someone experience it themselves. When it comes to camping, there is plenty of content on YouTube. These five camping guru channels give you the insider info you need to have a successful trip, whether you go off the beaten path or stay on the main trail. Catch dinner, climb that first peak, or nail that first backpacking trip all with guidance from these camping gurus. 

Camping With Steve

If you want insider tips on backpacking, camping, rafting, and other outdoor adventures, the Camping with Steve YouTube channel is a good place to start. Although his camping adventures occur only in Canada, his advice can be applied anywhere you camp. He tends to camp more on the wild side and has tips for if you want to camp off the beaten track or at more established sites. If winter camping is something you are interested in, Steve’s insight from years of experience will help you be successful. With 1.35 million subscribers, this “ABC (Always Be Camping)” guru emphasizes safety, and survival tactics are often discussed in his current library of 286 videos. Steve even has his own line of hoodies and tees

Homemade Wanderlust

Not all camping happens at campgrounds. Just ask Dixie, the face behind the outdoor survival channel Homemade Wanderlust. What began as a way to document her long hikes on the AT (Appalachian Trail) turned into a super popular channel for those looking for insight on hiking and backpacking. Featuring gorgeous scenery, a good range of hikes, and a plethora of topics, it’s no wonder that more than 420,0000 subscribers come to her channel for her firsthand knowledge. From beginner mishaps to tips on thru-hiking some of the most popular trails, including the Continental Divide Trail and the Florida Trail. Check out her favorite gear and learn from her mistakes. With 597 videos, you are sure to find the info you need. 

Outdoor Boys

Outdoor adventure is not all serious. There is plenty of humor to find in camping mishaps and mistakes, and that is where the Outdoor Boys come in. Over 3.25 million fans subscribe to their channel for insight on all kinds of things outdoors, including fossil hunting, backyard DIY projects and camping. Posting a new video weekly on Saturday mornings, there is always fresh content to enjoy. They also have their own YouTube fishing channel with over 300 videos. Even young adventurers will enjoy watching the adventures of Luke and his boys: Tommy, Nate, and Jacob. If you find yourself getting too serious about pack weight or the best fishing bait, head to the Outdoor Boys’ YouTube Channel for a reminder of why we get outdoors in the first place. 

Amanda Outside

Novice campers, experienced campers, and everything in between can find great advice on the Amanda Outside YouTube Channel. Learn from her triumphs and mistakes as she takes on muddy conditions, tests out new campsite meal ideas, and dials in her gear. Her trips, years of experience and ideas on how to save money (think camping items found at IKEA) have faithful fans coming to her channel for more. Her channel landing page is super organized by topic, making it easy to find what you want. With over 7.5 million video views, Amanda knows camping, hiking, and cooking in the fresh air. 

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Adventure Archives

The Adventure Archives began in 2009, and, since then, this group of four outdoor enthusiasts have traveled around the world from Japan to Disneyland, documenting their explorations. Hailing from Ohio and Indiana, Andrew and Bryan are brothers, Robby is their cousin, and Thomas is close friend and neighbor. When you watch their videos, you can see the family-like bond between all four of them as they travel to national parks, learn to identify edible plants and make campfire-worthy flatbread. Solo backpacking, climbing a mountain peak, getting caught in a hailstorm—these are just some of the insights you can gain from their 290 videos. They even have teasers about upcoming videos. 

Do you subscribe to any of these channels? Tell us below! 

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